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Process Builder cannot access CreatedByID or InsertedByID lookup for Feeditem fields

Knowledge Article Number 000231158
Description When creating a Process in Process Builder for the Feeditem object, in older Salesforce organisations, you can not select the lookup fields for CreatedByID > or InsertedByID >

These lookup fields can be available in organisations created after Spring '12, but will not be usable, Process Builder does not support linking though to these dual lookup type fields.

Example where  they are not available:
Feeditem Createdby ID not available image
Resolution Before Spring'12 for some organisations the Self Service Portal was available. The lookups mentioned above are lookups to both the User object and the SelfServiceUser object. Although in organisations where the Self Service User Portal was not enabled, these fields show up in Process Builder, these lookups are not supported, since Process Builder does not know whether to lookup the User or SelfServiceUser object.

Example where  they are available:
Feeditem Createdby ID Available image

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