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Success Insights: Marketing Cloud using Automation Studio for Operational Efficiency

Knowledge Article Number 000231159
Description Not only can Automation Studio be used to set up email campaigns, you can also use the tool to perform various tasks which can increase your bandwidth to focus on growing your digital strategy.

How many times have you manually refreshed a group? How many filters have you created and re-created?  How many import activities have you performed? All of these things can be set as automations to take the manual steps out of the equation after they are set up.

There are 8 ‘Operationally’ focused activities within Automation Studio: 
  • Data Extract 
  • Filter 
  • Import File 
  • Refresh Group
  • Report Definition
  • SQL Query
  • Transfer File
  • Wait Activity
All of the activities above can be paired with a ‘Send Email’ activity, but can also function as a stand alone activity. 

Some examples of tasks that can be automated using Automation Studio:
  • You can a list of subscribers that regularly needs to be filtered and segmented based on the same criteria every time. You can create the various filter activities to run concurrently, import the list, set the workflow cadence (when and how often) and let AS do the work for you.
  • Need to create a file of information for you to use outside of the application. Data Extract can do this and can also be used to transform an XML file to a comma-delimited, tab-delimited, or pipe-delimited file for import into your account.
  • Have metrics you need to pull on a recurring basis? You can set a Report Definition to set the parameters for running a report once to be used every time the report is run in this activity.
  • If you have lags in time of activities being done, you can use a Wait Activity to set the time (hours, day, weeks, etc) that the program will wait before performing the next activity in the workflow.

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