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I am unable to find any Article when using the global search on my Community

Knowledge Article Number 000231243
Description The global search in the community doesn't find any article and the articles are not displayed no matter the category or record type you choose in the community.
Resolution If you have done all the necessary configuration but still the articles are not displayed in the community you may have the community language setup to an incorrect one.
Unable to view articles in Community Templates

In order to check the community language and change it if necessary you can follow the steps below in your organization:

1. Go to Setup | Customize Communities | All Communities | Click on Manage next to the community name. 
2. Under Community Management select "Go to Community Builder"
3. Go to Settings | Languages
4. Click on "Go to to select languages" (which re-directs to
5. Check that the Default Site Language is the right one and change it if necessary.
The community may not be returning articles because it is looking for articles in the incorrect language.

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