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Platform Cache for Partners

Knowledge Article Number 000231246
  • What kind of org can get Platform cache? Platform Cache is available to all orgs, but for free only to EE, UE and PxE (customer) orgs.   
  • Can ISV partners get platform cache? Limited to 2 DE orgs per partner. ISV partners can get 1 10MB partition in up to two of their DE orgs.  All general DE orgs will have to apply for the trial cache, which will be approved by the PM (Raj Advani), and will have an expiration date 
  • How much platform cache can partners request? Limited to 10MB per Partner DE org. 
  • I'm a consulting partner, can I get platform cache? Currently available only for ISV partners. Any other type of partner will need to work with their Partner Account Manager to request platform cache.
Resolution To request platform cache as an ISV partner, log a case in the Partner Community and provide your DE org ID.


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