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Difference between Radian6 and Social Studio API

Knowledge Article Number 000231248
In November 2015, Social Studio opened access to a self-serve API for Social Studio data. There are a few key differences between the new Social Studio API and the legacy Radian6 API outlined below. 

Social Studio API vs Radian6 API

  • The Social Studio API has the ability to retrieve Social studio data (Workspaces, Macros, etc) as well as Radian6 data, while the legacy Radian6 API can only pull Radian6 data.
  • All calls using the Social Studio API must be completed using HTTPS, while legacy Radian6 API only requires HTTPS for authentication.
  • The Social Studio API authenticates via OAuth 2.0, whereas the Radian6 API uses OAuth 1.0

Want to learn more? Review our documentation on Radian6 and Social Studio APIs or reach out to your Account Executive. 

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