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Transfer ownership of a Managed Social Account

Knowledge Article Number 000231280
Learn how to change the user designated as the owner of a managed social account in Social Studio. A social account ownership transfer can be initiated by any user with "Edit" permissions on a social account.

Transfer ownership

1. Navigate to the account-level AdminSocial Accounts section and access the social account.
2. Click Edit.
3. Click Transfer Ownership.
4. Select the new owner in the "Select new Social Account Owner" list.

Enter a name in the Search bar and click the icon to search among the users, or scroll through to find the appropriate user.

5. Click Continue.

The window shows the name of the social account, the number of pages associated with it (depending on social network type), the current owner (with user picture, if any, and username), and the new owner (with user picture, if any, and username).

6. Click Change next to the new owner if selected in error and select a new owner.
7. Click Confirm at the Confirm Social Account Transfer window.
A small banner appears saying the account ownership was successfully transferred. 

Important information to remember when transferring social account ownership:
  • Ownership can be transferred to any user, except for those assigned the "Basic User" role.
  • The original social account login credentials are required. Changing the owner in Social Studio doesn't change the credentials for the social account.
  • Only one social account can have ownership transferred at a time. 

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