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Why Email publisher action is not visible on Case though it is added to the page layout?

Knowledge Article Number 000231283
Description I have added the Email publisher action to the Case page layout but still it is not visible on the case record?
Resolution 1. Ensure "Enable Case Feed Actions and Feed Items" is enabled under support settings. To modify Support settings : Go | Setup | Customize | Cases | Support Settings.

Please review article about changes that will take place by enabling the above setting:

2. If you do not find the setting "Enable Case Feed Actions and Feed Items" under support settings, make sure "Feed Tracking" is enabled for case object. To enable Feed Tracking: Go | Setup | Customize | Chatter | Feed Tracking | Select Case object | Enable Feed Tracking.

Please note that if you not at all find the Email Publisher action to add on Case page layout, it is because "Email to Case" is not enabled for the organization. To Enable: Go | Setup | Customize | Cases | Email to Case.

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