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The "Enable Notificiations" link is missing from the Live Agent menu

Knowledge Article Number 000231302
Description The user has the Live Agent Configuration feature "Notifications Enabled" turned on their org.  However, the agent user is not seeing the "Enable Notifications" link in the Live Agent status menu:
Enable Notifications missing
Resolution The display of the "Enable Notifications" feature is dynamic and also controlled by the browser once a notification choice has been made:
  • The option will not be initially displayed for the session until the user selects the "Online" status.
  • If the user has already made a selection to either "allow" or "block" notifications, and then refreshed the page (or navigated away and back to the console), then the browser will stop displaying the option.
  • The browser may have also stored an "Exception" for the selection, such that simply setting the browser to "Ask" for notifications again will not bring back the option for the site which is already stored within the Exceptions list.

The below steps can be used to bring back the "Enable Notifications" link within Firefox browser:

(1) Expand the Live Agent menu and Right-click within the menu area to bring up the options:
(2) Select the View page info option.
(3) Under Permissions set the Notifications option to Default or Ask:
        Firefox Notifications
(4) Manually refresh the page using the browser Refresh or F5 key, to get the "Enable Notifications" back for choice selection again:
Enable Notifications present
(5) If resetting the Show Notifications option does not resolve the issue, you may need to try the additional options provided here:

Note:  The steps to resolve this within the Chrome browser have changed.  Please see this article for steps to change Notification options in Chrome: and also consider this article for changing a prior selected exception:

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