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Mass delete invitees from events

Knowledge Article Number 000231324
Description Is it possible to do a mass delete of invitees in an event?
Resolution you can do a mass delete of invitees. Below are the steps:

1. Using your dataloader, export your event with the list of Invitees. 
a. Open your dataloader. 
b. Click on Export. 
c. Login your Salesforce credentials. 
d. Tick checkbox for Show all Salesforce Objects and look for Event Relation. 
e. Click on Next. 
f. Select All Fields. 
g. You can Add a condition to filter your events. 
h. Click on Next. 
i. Then click on Finish. 

2.  Clean your csv file. Remove the rows that you don't want to delete.
  • The ID for the Event invitee starts with 0RE. That is the only ID that you need to do the mass delete.
3.  If you already have your csv file ready, you can use the Delete function of the dataloader. 


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