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Import blocked when Duplicate Rule equals allow with alert & Prospector Preferences equal not allow

Knowledge Article Number 000231327
Description Prospector Duplicate Preferences alone prevent duplicates when a Key is present on a record that exists inside of Salesforce. Keys are appended to records that were either imported, or cleaned by 

It's been determined that when Duplicate Rules are activated, and set to 'Allow', but Prospector Preferences are set to 'Do not allow', an import of a record that meets the Matching Rule criteria will be blocked regardless of a Key.

This impacts users that have Prospecting Licenses only



Example causes of blocked import

  • Matching Rule = Match exact Account Name, exact State
  • Duplicate Rule = "allow + alert"
  • Prospector Duplicate Preferences = do not allow duplicates
1. Review an Account inside of Salesforce that does not have a Key (Ex: Salesforce, State = California)
2. Navigate to Tab > Find Accounts
3. Search for 'Salesforce' in California
4. Import record
Result: Error that Duplicate was attempting to be created, and the import is blocked

​This is currently working as designed, and engineering is aware of the user experience. They're working towards a solution to provide a clear process for users that access these tools. 


'Allowing Duplicates' to resolve issue


1. [System Administrator] Navigate to Setup
2. Administration
3. Prospector Preferences
4. Select check box next to the affected Object to "Allow" Duplicates from
5. Save 
NOTE: It's still possible for Prospecting Users to prevent Duplicates based on Key:
  • If a record exists within the CRM with a Key, it will have a Green Dot next to it within the Tab Search Results
  • During Import/Export, prospecting users will have the ability to select an option to exclude records with a Green Dot to avoid duplicate imports.

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