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Live Agent chat button is not appearing on your website

Knowledge Article Number 000231352
Description Behavior: 
You have a webpage where you have put the Live Agent button/deployment code, but the Live Agent Chat button image is not showing, even when Agents are available for chat. 
Resolution WHAT TO LOOK FOR: 
You will want to ensure you have the full and correct code deployed on your webpage. 
  1. Go to your webpage where the code is hosted
  2. Right click on the page and click "Inspect Element". This will bring up the developer tools
  3. Under the Elements tab, search for "573" which is the button code. If you find it, that means the button code is there. Then search for "572" to confirm that the Deployment code is present. Lastly, search for "00D" to confirm that the Org ID is present
All of those ID's need to be present on the webpage for the button to appear correctly. If one of those is missing, please refer back to Setup in Salesforce so you can grab the Deployment code and Chat Button code and add it to your webpage. 

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