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Success Insights: Marketing Cloud - Email Subscriber Acquisition Best Practices

Knowledge Article Number 000231367
Description A common set of problems many digital marketers face are those related to acquiring new customers. Web traffic may be high, but few visitors convert. Or, in-store foot traffic might be elevated, but the rate of in-store purchases is not what is expected.
An easy way to capitalize on this traffic that might not be converting would be to obtain a visitor’s opt-in to receive marketing messages from your organization, allowing you to keep customers engaged with your brand. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a number of ways to make this easier to accomplish:
  • Utilizing a Web Collect Form, you are able to capture a subscriber’s opt-in through a simple form on your organization’s website.
  • You can also utilize a custom-built form, and pass the subscriber information along to the Marketing Cloud via an API call or batch automation.
  • For in-person opt-in in stores or at events, forget using the fishbowl to collect business cards! Instead, use a mobile opt-in campaign, where a visitor can text their email address to a short code to be opted-in to receive email communications.
To increase the likelihood that a visitor takes the steps necessary to opt-in, it’s best to keep the opt-in process short and simple. You can then utilize welcome emails and onboarding campaigns to progressively build out more in-depth subscriber profiles for your remarketing efforts.

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