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BEST PRACTICES: Marketing Cloud - Email Subscriber Engagement

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Email Subscriber Engagement Best Practices

As a digital marketer, you might find yourself challenged with declining conversions, click and open rates and perhaps even ROI on your digital marketing efforts. Declining engagement often stems from an organization not being able to serve the needs and/or interests of a subscriber. Perhaps content isn’t as relevant as it used to be. However, here are a few tips that can help improve declining engagement among your subscriber base:
  • If you aren’t already, utilize dynamic content based on demographic, purchase or engagement behavior. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has tools to manage this within the UI, as well as through the use of AMPscript. Tailoring content to subscribers has shown to increase engagement.
  • Consider the stage of the customer journey subscribers are in, and communicate to them accordingly. This could mean utilizing Journey Builder to create seamless and intricate journeys, or it could be as simple as setting up a birthday or anniversary automated email to honor a subscriber on a special day.
  • If you’re an online retailer, consider creating a Cart Abandonment email campaign. These campaigns have been show to increase conversions and purchases, and you don’t necessarily have to include discounts for them to be effective. Simply offering customers avenues to obtain help in the checkout process might be enough to have them return and complete the sale.
  • Think mobile. An increasing proportion of subscribers open emails on the smartphone or tablet. Ensure that your emails render on mobile appropriately.
  • Finally, consider your channels. Email is one of the best digital marketing channels, but reaching out to subscribers via SMS, Mobile Push or even by tailoring their web experience with Predictive Intelligence can reap benefits.

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