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Success Insights - Marketing Cloud - Email - WELCOME EMAIL SERIES BEST PRACTICES

Knowledge Article Number 000231372
  • Sending a welcome email maximizes its effectiveness by continuing the momentum of a signup and engaging the subscriber further.
  • Send a welcome series to warm up subscribers - Examples of content to include: a) rich welcome offer b) explain brand’s strengths (standing free shipping), c) benefits of downloading mobile app; d) email reminder that welcome offer is expiring in a few days
  • Message new subscribers differently depending on their acquisition source (ex: if signed up via facebook, don’t send them content asking them to “like” your page)
  • Include an unsubscribe link in all your emails, prominently. A prominent unsub link can build trust by signaling that you’ll make it easy for them to opt-out.
  • Pay special attention to subscribers during their first few weeks on your list, as this is when they are likely to be most responsive.

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