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Knowledge Article Number 000231374
Description List Building
  • Recognize that all subscribers are not equally valuable or desirable.
  • Focus on adding engaged subscribers to your list.
  • The best email acquisition sources are always those that are closest to your shopping and customer service operations.
  • Use confirmed opt-in to protect yourself from low-quality email acquisition sources.
  • Make your email signup requests and forms prominent.
  • Tell consumers why they should sign up to receive your emails. People want to receive discounts, product updates, helpful advice and company news.
Subscription Center
  • Use your signup messaging, confirmation page and welcome emails to set expectations on how many emails you’ll be sending and what content will be in them.
  • Keep your email signup forms short and simple, and collect additional information after signups.
  • Recognize that requiring email subscribers to share additional contact information lowers signups significantly.
  • Only ask for information you’ll use.
  • Explain to subscribers how sharing additional information with you will benefit them.
  • Ask the right questions when profiling subscribers (Ex: don’t ask for gender and assume that men are only interested in buying clothes for themselves; or assume if zip code is provided that the brick & mortar store in that area is their preferred store)
  • Use the signup Confirmation page to continue engaging new subscribers (ex: CTA to add email address to address book, collect optional preferences and other information, educate about sister brands, or share social media channels)
  • Keep your signup process and preference center up to date and routinely audit all your acquisition sources to make sure they are working properly.


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