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BEST PRACTICES: Marketing Cloud - Email Marketing Program

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Email Marketing Program 

  • Benchmark yourself primarily against yourself.
  • Focus on maximizing the value of a subscriber, not necessarily on maximizing the results of a campaign.
  • Measure your negative performance metrics, not just your positive ones.
  • While open and click rates are important metrics to identify indicators of program health, most brands quantify success in terms of revenue generated by email programs, revenue growth rate and revenue-focused metrics like average order size and lifetime value.
 Industry-wide Performance Averages & Best Practices

Open Rate: 29%
  • Varies significantly by industry. When evaluating your email campaigns, track your open rate against your industry’s average to get the most accurate comparison.
  • Don’t attach too much meaning to your open rates. An open is registered only if a recipient views an email with images enabled.
  • Continue to test and monitor subject lines to help increase open rates.
  • Test sending your campaigns at different days/times including the weekend.
    • Retail & Media/Entertainment: 20% - 21%
    • Finance: 50%
    • Consumer Goods, Travel/Hospitality, Education/Non-Profit & Tech Manufacturing: 26% -29%
Click-to-Open Rate: 15%
  • The number of unique clicks as a percentage of unique opens, which tells you how effective your email content is in motivating your subscribers to click a link or graphic after opening your message.
Click-through-Rate: 5%
  • Number of unique clicks in an email divided by the number of emails successfully delivered. The more relevant your message is, the higher your CTR will be. If you see high open rates and low CTR, it indicates your message grabs initial interest but internal content falls flat.
  • Send a re-engagement campaign inviting your subscribers to update their preferences.
  • Recognize that many of the actions prompted by emails are not easily trackable - using promo codes that are unique to a particular subscriber and promoting printable and mobile coupons, trackable back to individual subscribers are a couple ways to help measure the pass-along and offline influence of email.
Bounce Rate: 2%
  • Too many bounces from bad email addresses, will force IPS to throttle, junk or block your emails. 
Unsubscribe Rate: 0.1%
  • Closely monitor unsubscribe and complaint rates to avoid a decline in your deliverability reputation. Keep your message-to-complaint ratio below 0.1%.

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