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BEST PRACTICES: Marketing Cloud - 10 Rules that Separate Legitimate Marketers from Spammers

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10 Rules that Separate Legitimate Marketers from Spammers

These 10 rules are essential for all marketers to safeguards their sender reputation with Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Take your email program to the next level by following these best practices...

  • Follow the law, but recognize that doing so gives you no protection from spam complaints or being blocked by ISPs

  • Make sure consumers are aware that you are adding them to your email list

  • Never make an email opt-in mandatory for a customer interaction

  • Make unsubscribing easy, taking no more than two clicks

  • Accept that permission expires

  • Accept that knowing one of your customer’s email addresses doesn’t constitute permission to reach them at any of their other email addresses

  • Accept that securing an opt-in to another channel doesn’t constitute permission to reach a consumer via email as well

  • Don’t share email addresses with other brands within your company

  • Don’t buy email lists or barter for email addresses

  • When renting an email list, the list owner should never share the list with the renter

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