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BEST PRACTICES: Marketing Cloud - IP Warm-Up

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Marketing Cloud
IP Warm UP


Why is IP Warming important?

Primarily, your new IP has no reputation at all. Reputation is something that ISPs use to determine whether they will block your messages as well as whether to deliver to the inbox or a bulk folder. At this stage, almost all reputation is IP-based, and sending off an IP with no reputation is treated with suspicion by the ISPs until a positive sending reputation is proven. By slowly warming your IP, you’ll build a good reputation with senders by the time you want to send larger batches of communication.

How long does it take?

It takes a minimum of 4 weeks (30 days) to establish your sending reputation. Optimal deliverability is achieved in 4-6 weeks. Certain ISPs limit senders to daily volume thresholds until they establish a positive sending reputation (e.g., Hotmail limits new senders to 20K messages per day).

How do you warm an IP?

To start, it’s always recommended to start by sending to your cleanest and most engaged subscribers first. It’s important to get off to a good start when building your reputation, and focusing on these subscribers should give you the best results. You’ll also need to show consistency during warm-up, so it is recommended that you send at least 3 days each week during warm-up.

Review the following guidelines per ISPs for warming new IP addresses:

Guidelines per ISPs

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