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BEST PRACTICES: Marketing Cloud - Subscriber Onboarding

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Salesforce Cloud Services

Subscriber Onboarding Best Practices

You have a new subscriber, a brand-new customer, or a customer purchasing a different line of products. But marketers now face the task of capitalizing on this new relationship by driving repeat purchases, increasing customer satisfaction with their purchases and ultimately driving true loyalty to their brand.
Onboarding campaigns can take a variety of forms, from the ubiquitous welcome series, to a post-purchase communication stream, to a product education series designed to highlight features of a new product post-sale. With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you have a variety of tools and methods by which accomplish these tasks. For example:
  • Using Activities and Messages within Automation Studio, marketers can create automated campaigns to handle the onboarding tasks, freeing up time to spend on other optimization tasks.
  • Go further with Journey Builder, which allows for multiple branches in the customer journey. You can easily incorporate subscriber engagement with previous messages in determining which message to send next.
  • Remember to think cross-channel. Messages like shipping notifications, delivery notifications, order confirmations might be best delivered via SMS or Push Message.
Regardless of the exact form your onboarding campaign takes, it is advisable to create one, even if only a simple welcome email. Those messages see on average 136% higher open rates and 350% higher click-through rates than a typical newsletter send.

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