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BEST PRACTICES: Marketing Cloud - Subscriber Re-Engagement

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Subscriber Re-Engagement

One of the most disconcerting experiences a digital marketer can have is to see subscribers you’ve spent time, money and effort to acquire slowly become disengaged, having not opened an email in months.
While it’s a best practice to remove subscribers who may not have opened or clicked for months to avoid deliverability repercussions, that doesn’t mean that your marketing program doesn’t have room to try to save these subscribers. Consider these options:
  • A Re-engagement Campaign – a message or series of messages designed to entice subscribers to re-engage, often using creative subject lines and/or content.
  • An Opt-Down Campaign – perhaps the frequency of email feels inundating to the subscriber. Providing an option to “opt-down” to a weekly or monthly digest of top content might keep some subscriber engaged.
  • If you’re a retailer or another line of business where a customer’s purchase most recent purchase and/or purchase frequency is known, you could send create win-back campaigns toward the end of their expected purchasing cycle to entice them back to your brand.
Accomplishing any of these campaigns are possible within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Using Journey Builder, custom journeys could be created once a subscriber’s last engagement date reaches a certain point (e.g., last open 120 days ago, enter into a re-engagement journey).

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