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Success Insights: Marketing Cloud - Getting Started with Social Hub Best Practices

Knowledge Article Number 000231383
Description The Social Hub lets a user set up a series of criteria for each post that is pulled into the Radian6 system. If that criteria is met, predetermined user actions are completed. These criteria are called conditions. In simple terms, Conditions are specify one or more specific qualities that must be met for an action to be taken on a post. Conditions are available for either real-time data sources, recent data sources, or both.

It is important to define your conditions and actions before the creation of each rule to ensure that your Social Hub rules are configured properly.

Actions are the processes you want to occur on a post when the conditions are met. It is a Marketing Cloud best practice to map each action to a condition and clearly define the relationship. Below are the list of available actions in Social Hub.

Another Marketing Cloud best practice is to set the Social Hub Rule to complete Workflow items to scale your efforts (Labels, tags, classifications, etc.). This saves time and allows you to focus on only posts that should be actioned. 

You can access a list of Conditions and Actions  here. 


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