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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Marketing Cloud - Sharing Content in the Social Studio

Knowledge Article Number 000231384

Sharing Content in the Social Studio

In the left-hand navigation bar of the Publish app you will notice the Shared Content Section. Shared content is used to allow for content (posts, images, videos, etc) to be available to other workspaces in your organization.

How to share content:

1. Click on the post from your content calendar (must be published, unpublished, scheduled or unscheduled)
2. Select the Share Content icon
3. You can then edit the content and define what workspaces the content should be shared with. You can select one or multiple workspaces at this time.
4. Define an "enable" and "disable" date for the shared content
5. Click Save

If you have followed the steps above, your content will be shared across the defined workspaces at the specified time of enablement.
Using Shared Content is important in that it allows users to reuse and modify previous created content without having to recreate it from scratch every time, possibly introducing errors or inconsistencies in style, info and voice. Pictures in shared content can be reused in a new post. Only one image can be included in a post. Content that is performing the best in engagement can be reused.


Best Practices for using Shared Content

  • Toggle between "Recently Created" and "Most Engaging" to decide on a post to use. Most Engaging Posts are those is the content that has performed the best in engagement and it is recommended that these posts be reused. 
  • Old Shared Content items can be archived, removing it from the Shared Content Index for the Workspace. Archiving the content removes it from use but maintains the performance history for future analysis. It is important to review and refine your shared content to ensure that all content still meets your organizations standards. 
  • Each Shared Content card will display the number of times the post has been used. It will also break down the number of Total and Average Engagements. (By hovering over the ?, you can see the breakdown for each section)
  • Check out the Shared Content Details page for a detailed breakdown of each item

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