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Best Practices: Marketing Cloud - Social Studio Mobile Best Practices

Knowledge Article Number 000231386
Description The Salesforce Social Studio Mobile app allows you to collaboratively plan and create compelling content campaigns from Publish. Foster and moderate community conversation from Engage. Use Analyze to access your Listening dashboards. And with Quick Search, quickly see what’s happening across the social web. Anything you do on your mobile app will be reflected everywhere you use Social Studio (and vice versa). Your permissions remain the same in both the web and mobile applications.

Here are a few things to consider when using the Social Studio Mobile App:

Publish Best Practices
• Create, schedule, and manage content on the go for your Social Accounts. Macros, labels and link shorteners can be applied to posts from this section as well.
• Measure the effectiveness of your posts through the various in-app reporting features.
• Approve content before it is scheduled.​ Ensure that Approval Rules have been defined in the Social Studio Web App as the same rules apply in the Mobile version.
• Manage your team calendar by checking a post to see who is working on it, what social accounts have been chosen and the date/time it will be published.

Engage Best Practices
• Clearly define who will be responding to posts and engage with your communities on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 
• It is important to also monitor what’s happening on Forums, Blogs, News sites, through your topic profiles.
• Reply, Retweet, Like, Favorite, Comment, Quote (etc.) just as you would on your respective social instance.
• Collaborate efficiently with your community management team to ensure that all posts have been reviewed.
• Apply workflow to your posts in order to flag, tag, categorize, assign and organize content as it comes in.

Analyze/Listen Best Practices
• Broad listening support for 700 million+ sources. The Social Studio allows you to perform keyword matched searches. Use "Quick Search" to get instant search results for any keyword(s).
• Access Broad Listening or Social Account dashboards from your phone to analyze results. You can share key insights and Dashboard results in real time via email or SMS.


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