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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Marketing Cloud - Publishing Best Practices in the Social Studio

Knowledge Article Number 000231388

1. Set up publishing and approval permissions and processes

It is important to define who will have the ability to publish to specific social networks. These permissions are defined when adding a user to a workspace. It is also important to differentiate between who will be creating the content and who will be approving the post. Regardless of how you do it, map out your approval hierarchy to make sure your organization has proper auditing and fail-safes that ensure the only people who can publish to your networks are those who should have access.


2.Don’t forget about nights and weekends

You might work Monday through Friday from 9-5, but your community is global, spanning time zones around the world and checking social networks outside of your normal work hours. Ensure that posts are schedule around the clock to keep your global community involved. This can be achieved by scheduling content via the calendar 24/7.


3. Use tracking codes on links (Link Shortener or Web Analytics)

Social attribution is a great way to prove the return on investment for social publishing. It can be helpful to post links that have a tracking code built into them such as the default link shortener. This tracking code will help you track what social networks are driving the most traffic. Use this data to guide your posting strategies for big content and marketing campaigns moving forward. Another option is Web Analytics, use these to accurately track online advertising campaigns by associating campaigns to your Social posts in the Social Studio. 


4. Use your data to determine what works

Everyone will tell you something different when it comes to the best times to publish, the best content, the best post types, and the best calls to action. But only you have the data to make the decision as to what’s best for your brand. Do some A/B testing with your publishing strategies, and then assess what has worked best for you after you have collected a large enough sample size. Utilize the built in reporting features to analyze the engagement score of each post and share successful posts across workspaces.

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