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Auto-update Contact Address with Account's Billing Address

Knowledge Article Number 000231395
Description When you create a Contact from Account, the Contact's Mailing Address is auto-updated with the Account's Billing Address.
This is Standard functionality, however, when the Account's Billing address is updated it doesn't update the Contact's Mailing Address automatically.

This can be achieved using Process Builder.

To auto-populate the Mailing Address of Contact with the Account's Billing address, please follow the below given steps:

1. Click on Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Process Builder.
2. Click New button, and give a Name to the Process and Click Save.
3. Click the Add Object box and then select Account
4. In the Specify When to Start the Process section select "when a record is created or edited".
5. Click on Save.

6. Click the Add Criteria box and: 
a) specify a Criteria Name
b) select "No criteria—just execute the actions!" in Criteria for Executing Actions.
c) Click on Save.

7. Click the Add Action box and:
a) select "Update Records" as Action Type
b) specify the Action Name.
In the record type box select "Select a record related to the Account" and then select "Contacts" from the dropdown list. Click Choose.
d) In "Criteria for Updating Records" select the option "No criteria—just update the records!".
e) In the "
Set new field values" please add 5 rows with the following values:
Mailing City Reference [Account].BillingCity
Mailing State/Province Reference [Account].BillingState
Mailing Country Reference [Account].BillingCountry
Mailing Street Reference [Account].BillingStreet
Mailing Zip/Postal Code Reference [Account].BillingPostalCode 
f) Click on Save.

8. Click on the Activate button.

This Process Builder will automatically update all Contacts "Mailing Address" for the Account.

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