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How To Delete Attachments in Lightning Experience

Knowledge Article Number 000231397
If you find faded delete option in Salesforce for lightening experience please follow the detail mentioned steps for deletion or downloading the attachments.

 How To Delete Attachments in Lightening Experience 

1. Check the attachment you want to delete or download is related to (Account, Opportunity, Leads or Task).
 2. In order to delete Attachment related to (Account, Opportunity and Leads) from Lightning experience.
 3. Click on Files Object you will see a file page with a drop down menu.
 4. Here you can see all the attachments with file's name and owner name and file extension.
 5. Adjacent to the file extension Column  there is a drop down menu from where you can choose Download, Upload, and Delete.

  From there you can perform all the related actions. 

In case of Task one has to check the ownership as well as the assigned to whom.

Please follow this images (provided as an example) that will give you a clear idea.

My opportunities and related attachments

2. It shows attachments on my opportunities named as 1 day combined reports.

Check attachments related to opportunities
3. Faded option which we get while deletion.

faded option

4. Go to "Files" Object and there you will see all the attachments. 

Files object

5. Adjacent to file extension there is drop down menu for deletion,download and upload.option


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