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Case Feed Articles Tool search is not returning expected results

Knowledge Article Number 000231410
Description When using the Case Feed Articles Tool in the Console for Service or Sales, search may not return expected articles despite the user being assigned a knowledge license, permissions, and appropriate visibility to the article type.

However, upon clicking "Advanced Article Search" all of the expected articles are returned for the user.
Resolution If an administrator has configured the Console to allow users to Find, Attach, and Email Articles with the Case Feed Articles Tool and/or enabled the "Use Case Feed Articles Tool in the Console" preference in Settings for Feed Views in Case Feed users may see inconsistent results upon searching for articles via the feed's tool or in the Knowledge sidebar.

This may be caused by the user's locale or language not matching the desired article's assigned language. When searching for articles via the Case Feed Articles Tool, the language choice prioritization is: 

1. User's Locale's language 

2. User's Language 

3. Knowledge's default language

The first two are applicable only if the user's assigned locale or language is marked as an active language in Knowledge Settings. See Setting up a Multilingual Knowledge Base for more details.

If a language is currently marked as active in Knowledge Language settings and the affected user's locale or language is not the default language for knowledge then the case feed articles tool search is defaulted to only search and return articles that match the user's locale or language. If the expected articles are not published in the user's locale or language then they will not be returned in the tool's search results.

However, expected articles are returned when clicking Advanced Search because the advanced search leverages Knowledge One search functionality which allows users to set and search for articles in specific languages. 

Since this is an expected behavior of the Case Feed Articles Tool search and working as designed an administrator may choose to:

1. Disable the user's locale or language in the Knowledge Language Settings if it is not in use

2. Publish the desired articles in the user's own language

3. Change the user's locale or language to match the default Knowledge base language

4. Instruct affected users to leverage the "Advanced Search" to locate desired articles

5. Set Up Knowledge One Widget to replace the case feed articles tool

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