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Obtaining the Unsubscribed Records from the Salesforce V2 Managed List

Knowledge Article Number 000231431
When migrating to the new Marketing Cloud Connect (V5) from the V2 integration, the safest way to ensure that records who have previously opted out will not be sent again by accident, is to retain and utilize the Opt-out record already stored. This Opt-Out information, along with the unsubscribe date, is already recorded within the Marketing Cloud, and just needs to be placed into the All Subscribers list utilized by the new Marketing Cloud Connector.

**Please Note**
This only applies to accounts needing to migrate from the V2 Integration (ExactTarget for AppExchange 2007) to MC Connect (V5).

Upgrading to the V5 will NOT work if integrated with a Salesforce Professional Edition Org.
Resolution ​Disclaimer
The process outlined below will result in alternate SubscriberID Values being created for the records that are migrated over. This may present itself when viewing legacy V2 Tracking Data that is migrated over as a mismatch between the records within Salesforce and the newly created records on the All Subscribers list for these Unsubscribed records.  SubscriberID values are utilized by the Marketing Cloud backend systems only, and SubscriberKey values will be retained moving forward as the unique identifier for all Integration Sends within the Marketing Cloud.

This should not be a determining factor preventing this overall migration from V2 to V5, as the records being manipulated have already Opted-out of Email Communications.

  1. Create a Data Extension containing the below fields within the Top level, integrated MID.
  • EmailAddress
  • SubscriberKey
  • Status
  1. Create a Query Activity to populate the Data Extension created in Step 1.
  2. Use the following SQL within your Query Activity:
SELECT EmailAddress,SubscriberKey,[Status] 
FROM _Subscribers
WHERE SubscriberType in ('Salesforce Lead','Salesforce Contact')
and [Status] in ('unsubscribed','held')
**Please note**
This query will provide you with records that are in a Held status as well.  Held indicates that these records have been deemed 'undeliverable' by the Marketing Cloud system from previous, failed send attempts following the Bounce Mail Management process outlined here.  The Marketing Cloud system will not allow you to import records that are in a Held Status, so the options for these records are:
1. Adjust their status to 'unsubscribed' and import the records in that status. This option will follow Best Practice so that your account does not take a hit with Deliverability rates.
2. Import them in an 'Active' status. With this option,  there may potentially be a decreased deliverability rate with your next few sends while the system re-analyzes these records of their deliverable status.
3. Leave them out of the Query entirely.  This option will prevent these records from being brought back and will bypass the need to alter the exported file that results from the following steps, and also has the potential of decreased deliverability rates.
  1. Save
  2. Check the checkbox next to the name of the Query activity you just created and hit the Start Button
    • If you wish to be notified when this Query activity completes it's run instance, you can set this as a step within a Program or Automation.
  3. Navigate through the Email App, Subscriber Tab > Data Extensions where you created this Data Extension in Step 1.
  4. Export the Data using the User-Interface by selecting the Data Extension and clicking the Export button once it is active.
  5. Import the resulting export file into your All Subscribers list
    • Please make sure here that the Status Column is Mapped.
  6. Once this import process completes, all of the records from the legacy hidden list will now be visible within your All Subscribers list.

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