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Partner Business Org

Knowledge Article Number 000231438
For ISV Partners, the Partner Business Org enables you to publish and manage the sale and distribution of your app, as well as utilizing key partner technologies such as License Management,Channel Order App and Environment Hub. Note: there must be a signed partnership agreement in order to qualify for this benefit.
For Consulting Partners, the Partner Business Org can help you to manage leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, as well as support for your own customers. Note: you must meet the qualifications of the program to qualify for this benefit.

The Partner Business Org (PBO) is provided in two different methods:

1. A new partner would receive this PBO when they first sign up to become a partner if they do not have an existing org to use for Partner Community access. This org is a temporary 6 month trial to give the partner adequate time to solidify their partnership with Salesforce.

Once the partner is ready and has met the requirements* to request a permanent PBO, log a case in the Partner Community (Support > Request Partner Benefits > Partner Business Org Request).

2. A new partner who has an existing org and does not select the option to create a new org during the signup process will not receive the temporary PBO. In this situation, partner should log a case in the Partner Community (Support > Request Partner Benefits > Partner Business Org Request) once they have met the requirements*. 

*Consulting requirement is 2 certified individuals, ISV requirement is a fully-executed contract for an application.

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