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Console list view losing last selection

Knowledge Article Number 000231462
Description Case list view not staying what most recent list view user selected. Please see steps to reproduce for how to reproduce this.

Go to selected console
Close any tabs if already open 
Select different list view (not the open it loaded with, ex: All Cases). 
Click on any case to open
Maximize case tab to full screen (Hover over on the borders and you will get "arrow" to maximize the case tab) 
Click "x" to close the case tab (x mark next to case number on case tab) 
Notice the Case list view went back to "All Cases".

Resolution The reason why the case list view is changing is because it is reverting to the default List View. 

To change this you will need to go to your Custom App and remove "Save User Sessions" for this please navigate to: Setup | Create | Apps click Edit in the Console App that you want to modify and uncheck the "Save User Sessions" checkbox.

This will allow the List View to not revert but stay on the current List View choice.

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