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Field Name is included when sending email via "Attach and email article with HTML" option

Knowledge Article Number 000231467
Description When sending emails via the Case Feed and using the "Attach and email article with HTML" option the field names are included as well as the field values.

Steps to see the issue:

1. Click Setup | Customize | Knowledge | Article Types.
2. Click on your Article Type name and go to Communication Channel Mappings.
3. Click edit next to Email.
4. Select Communication Channel Layout Fields and add your fields and click Save.
5. Go to Cases Tab and open a case.
6. Click on Feed View.
7. Click on the plus sign(+) next to Articles.
8  Click the dropdown next to Attached article and select "Email article with HTML" 

You will see that the field values and the field name are included in what is sent.
Resolution R&D have confirmed that this is working as designed.
If you would like to see this functionality changed in future please vote on the following idea:

Hide field name when using "Attach and email article with HTML"

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