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Checkout access for Nonprofit Accounts

Knowledge Article Number 000231484
Description As a Nonprofit Organization ( Customer) you want to log into the Checkout to make any changes but are unable. This article explains why and explains how you can make purchases, get receipts, and make Account changes.

Resolution Checkout and Nonprofit Accounts

For Nonprofit Accounts (or Customers) the "Checkout" feature has been automatically disabled by default. Instead of being directed to Salesforce we encourage you to reach out to your Account Executive for the following:
  • Manage Billing and licenses
  • Purchase Additional user licenses, Products, or Storage (at the nonprofit discount price)
  • Make Account name change

How do I found out who my Account Executive is?

You have two options:

1.) You can find your Account Executive's contact information by logging into the "Power of Us HUB" 
  • Login to the Power of Us Hub ( using your Salesforce username and password
  • Click on your name to go to your Chatter profile
  • Click on the MY ORG tab
  • If you are an active customer you will see your Account Executive listed on the top right side

2.) You can create a case with Salesforce Support, and ask for your Account Executive's contact information


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