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Opening Result file from Bulk Data Load Job page

Knowledge Article Number 000231500
Description Once the process of Data Import wizard is completed, it shows 'Bulk Data Load Job' window where it shows 'View Request' & 'View Result' links.Bulk Data Load Job

You download the 'View Result' file to check the success/error records.
View Result
It will download Result file
When you try to open this file, it shows that it is an 'Unknown File Type'
When you click Open button, it gives a window to choose the application to open the file with.
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Resolution We can open this file in two different ways:-

1. Click Browse and navigate to the following location to locate Excel.exe application:-
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\Excel.exe
Click OK button to open the file with Excel application.

2. Else, you can rename the downloaded result file as result.csv & open it. It will choose Excel application to open it.

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