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Knowledge Article Number 000231501
Description How do I delete an ad hoc feedback request?
Resolution 1. Login into Workbench

2. Select the following values: 

- Environment: Production 

- API Version: 35.0 

- Check the box to agree to the terms of service 

3. Click the Login with Salesforce button 

4. From the grey menu bar at the top select data then select Delete

5. In the textbox next to the Single Record option paste the id of the request

Note: The Id can be found by navigating to the Feedback tab within Salesforce then selecting the request.  Once the page loads copy the Id from the URL (everything after the slash).  As an example, after selecting a request you will be redirected to a URL that looks like this:

In this case the Id would be 0WC3900000000is

6. Click the Next button 

7. Click the Confirm Delete button

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