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Opportunity Product Schedule is showing separate rows for Quantity & Revenue

Knowledge Article Number 000231514
Description If the Opportunity product schedule is defined manually at the Opportunity Product, the revenue and quantity schedules align and they will be reported upon in a single line item. The issue appears when you have your products set to automatically define a schedule. When this occurs, the alignment does not take place and the revenue and quantity items are displayed separately. Manually editing the schedule causes this alignment to occur.

Users have indicated that the single row display is preferable, but with the automation, it causes the report to display some of the scheduled items in a single row and others are still split into one for revenue and another for the quantity. 

- Actual Result 
Opportunity Product Schedule reports display some scheduled items in a single row while the others are split into two rows: one for revenue and another for the quantity. 
- Expected Result. 
Always display the quantity and revenue in one row (or make the behavior consistent across manually schedule creation and default schedule creation. 
1. Do not use the "Prompt users to add products to opportunities" feature. This will mandate that any product schedules entered are performed manually. 

2. For any existing Product Schedules, edit the schedule and re-save without making any adjustments. 


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