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DmlOperationException when trying to add a Product to an Opportunity

Knowledge Article Number 000231515
Description When attempting to add a Product to an opportunity you might receive the following error
Error: "common.udd.object.DmlOperationException"

Resolution This can sometimes happen when a split assigned to the record is for some reason no longer visible from the user interface. This could happen, for example, due to the user owning the split being already inactive.

Please follow these steps to fix the issue:

1. Log into your organization
2. Go to and click Login With Salesforce
3. Click the queries dropdown and select SOQL Query
4. Enter the following SOQL query in the query area. Please replace the Opportunity Id with the Id of the Opportunity in question (You can get this from the Opportunity URL).

Select Id, Opportunity Id From OpportunitySplit Where OpportunityId = '006XXXXXXXXXXXX'

5- The query will give you a list of the splits on the Opportunity. Most likely, you will see more rows than the actual number of splits in the Opportunity record and this is because one of those splits is not visible in the user interface and it is assigned to the inactive user.
6- Hover over the Id column and click "View in Salesforce" to identify the Split that is not visible in the interface
7- After you identify the split, delete it.

After this, you should be able to add a Product again for the Opportunity.

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