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NGO Connect - Batch Upload

Knowledge Article Number 000231545
Description NGO Connect is a application developed in partnership with roundCorner (rC). As such, much of the documentation refers to roundCorner technology specifically.


Batch Upload

Batch Upload
 is a term that refers to both:

  • the batch upload object itself
  • the processes that load new constituent and contribution information into NGO Connect.

While users often find, update, and create records on a one-off basis using the normal NGO Connect interface, batch upload is used when large volumes of data need to be processed into the system. Batch upload is the destination for lockbox files, telemarketing vendor contribution files, online contributions, event registrations, new constituent lists, pledge files and more. By using batch upload, an organization can load all their constituent or contribution data into a single location. The process will prevent creation of duplicate records by applying "matching rules" to determine whether the data is new or should update existing records in the system. The batch upload process also ensures that data is inserted or updated correctly based on NGO Connect's data model.


The application itself uses batch upload to process:

  • online donations and event registrations from the Connect Form
  • gifts entered via Batch Gift Entry

Batch upload functionality consists of:

  • the Batch Upload object
  • a matching process, controlled by matching rules in the Batch Upload Matching object
  • a commit process, controlled by hard-coded rules (as well as custom rules) in the Batch Upload Commit object

Click on the links below to find out more information about each topic:

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To find out more information about Batch Upload's click here.



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