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Salesforce1 - Action Link Limitations

Knowledge Article Number 000231557
Description Action links are a developer feature that can be used to add more complex functionality into Chatter Feed posts in the form of an interactive button. These can be used to take a user to a Web page, initiate a file download, or invoke an API call to Salesforce or an external server. 

Currently the Action Link and Action Link Template features are not supported in the Salesforce1 hybrid (downloadable) applications on iOS and Android devices. 

Users may see Feed posts where the Action Link button is not displayed or the Action Link does not behave as expected. For example, when navigating to another Visualforce page the navigation does not register that the user is in Salesforce1 and tries to display the full-site version of the page. 
Resolution These features are fully supported for the mobile browser version of Salesforce1 on supported browsers.

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