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Get to know the Help Finder

Knowledge Article Number 000231580
We understand that changes to products or systems can be frustrating, especially when you've already taken the time to learn one platform. We'll go over why the changes we made were necessary, and cover a few ways to make the transition easier. 

Thanks to your support and loyalty Salesforce's customer base has grown at astronomical rates. In order to continue to offer the level of support that you have come to know and expect, we recognized an opportunity to provide more self-service capabilities. By carefully redesigning our Help & Training Portal, along with redesigning how cases are submitted,  we've made it easier for you to find some amazing content that will help you along your Salesforce journey. We'll always be discovering newer and better ways to provide you with the ability to self-service.

If you have feedback that you'd like to provide us, or want to share your experience using the Help and Training Portal, submit your feedback using our Help & Training Portal survey.

Caution Icon Heads up: If you have both Marketing Cloud and Salesforce, you'll need to log into them separately to view the related content. For example, go to the upper-right corner of the Help & Training Portal homepage, click Login | Salesforce Login or Marketing Cloud Login, depending on which product you need help with. 

Here are a few resources we've put together on how to use the Help and Training Portal: 


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