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Salesforce1- Associate Price Book to Opportunity

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When you try to add a product to opportunity in Salesforce1 you would often see the below error:

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With the Summer ’15 release, you can associate a price book to an opportunity using Salesforce1.

Here is all you need to do:          

1. From Setup, go to Opportunity | Page Layout. Edit your page layouts. Add the Price Book field to the page layout.

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2. Create a Quick Action on the Opportunity object by going to Opportunity | Buttons, Links and Actions from Setup, clicking New Action, then selecting Update a Record as the Action Type.

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3. Add the new action to the Salesforce1 action bar on your opportunity page layout by going to Opportunity | Page Layouts from Setup, then drag your new Action to the Actions in the Salesforce1 Action Bar section.

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After completing the above process, you will be able to associate a price book to an opportunity. In Salesforce1, when viewing an Opportunity, you can associate a price book to an opportunity by choosing the Price Book action (which is the 'update record' action created earlier). Now, you simply need to search and select a Price Book in the Price Book field.

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In case you want to allow users to be able to add product to an opportunity, repeat steps 2 and 3 from above, but make the Action Type Create a Record instead of Update a Record. This allows users to create an opportunity, associate a price book and add product all in one smooth motion!

The article (Salesforce1 - Add Products to Opportunities) also provides steps to add a product in Salesforce1.

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