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Why the "Snapshot Date" field from chart in Opportunities with Historical Trending report cannot be removed?

Knowledge Article Number 000231602
Description If you are trying to create a report that analyze historical trends in your sales pipeline you might notice that the Snapshot date field cannot be removed from the matrix report or from the charts.
for further information about this feature, please review the article Opportunities with Historical Trending Report

Example of scenario for the Opportunity object:
1. Create a Report using the "Opportunities with Historical Trending" report type (after you enabled the
Historical Trending feature on Opportunities)
2. Chance the report format into: Matrix Format
3. Add fields into the groupings (for example those could be: Stage on the 
row grouping and closed date on the column grouping)
4. You will notice that the Snapshot date cannot be removed as grouping.
5. If you try to Add a chart, you will notice that the Snapshot Date is either in the X-Axis or in the Y-Axis. If you change either axis to a different field, the Snapshot Date transfers to the grouping (Group By).
Resolution It is behaving as expected, as the Snapshot Date is the essence of the Opportunities with Historical Trending report.
Therefore it should always be present in the matrix report and on charts. If you want to remove the field, you may use a different report type. 

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