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Lightning Experience: Files/Attachments related to Opportunities and Contacts don’t show up on the Account record

Knowledge Article Number 000231874

Customers may have noticed that Files under the Notes & Attachments related list don't show up on the Account record when a user switches to Lightning Experience, however the same files are available when you switch back to Salesforce Classic.

A typical scenario would look something like this:

- John Test creates an Account Record called "Acme", he adds an attachment called "Attach 1" to this record.
- John Test now creates a Contact Record called "Acme Contact", he adds an attachment called "Attach 2" to this record.
- John Test now creates an Opportunity Records called " Acme Oppty" , he adds an attachment called "Attach 3" to this record.

When John Test clicks on the Notes & Attachments related list on the Account Record in salesforce classic, he see's ALL 3 attachments, namely:

Attach 1
Attach 2
Attach 3

However, when John Test switches to Lightning Experience by clicking on Name | Switch to Lightning Experience, he sees the attachments associated to the Account record i.e., Attach 1 and NOT the Contact & Opportunity record.

Similarly, the same behavior can be observed when converting leads with attachments:

1. Create a Lead
2. Add a attachment to the lead [Newly added attachment shows up under the Notes & Attachments related list in Salesforce Classic]
3. Now convert the lead by creating a new account 'or' Add to an existing account
4. Open the newly created account in Salesforce Classic and you will see the attachment record created in Step 2
5. Switch over to Lightning Experience and navigate to the account, you will not see the attachment under the Notes & Attachment related list.

Note: Upload a File under the Notes & Attachments for a Lead record in Lightning Experience. When a lead is converted, the file will not get transferred to contact/account. The attachment in lightning experience is an action to upload a "File". At the moment, Files don't support the roll-up during lead conversion. Thus, the "Files" are not visible in contact/account.

Resolution This is working as designed. With Lightning Experience, we decided to keep notes/attachments/files on a one-to-one basis.

Currently, we do not intend to change this behavior to have these files also roll up to Accounts however, please consider promoting the following Idea:

Roll up display of Notes and Attachments in Lightning as it was in Classic


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