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Knowledge Article Number 000231888
Description Issue Description: 
When using the "Get Contacts" button from an Account page, users may encounter an issue with the search results if the Company Name includes an ampersand (&). 

Why This Occurs:
  • Account is not matched to a record, status will be "Not Compared" ( Key field will be blank)
  • Company name includes '&' in the name

To Reproduce:​
  1. Sign into Salesforce with a Prospecting enabled user 
  2. Navigate to Accounts 
  3. Create an account with Company name = to AT&T or The Procter & Gamble Company (Please verify no Key is associated to the Account, just company name) 
  4. Now click on the Get More Contacts button, and when populated drop-down populates select an Level

Expected: ​
  1. User taken to Prospecting tab 
  2. Company name is populated with AT&T or The Procter & Gamble Company 
  3. List of results returned for company name query 

  1. User taken to Prospecting tab 
  2. Company name is truncated from where & to the right 
  3. Search returns related to truncated name search (more evident when using AT&T - will search by just 'AT', The Procter & Gamble Company will search by just 'The Procter')
Resolution *No resolution at this time

Suggested Workarounds: 
Instead of using the 'Get Contacts' button for those particular Accounts, search for contacts related to the Account in question via the Prospecting tab. When selecting 'Import as Contacts', users can select the existing Account to ensure it links correctly. 

Link to known issue:

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