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Edit Time-Dependent Workflow Criteria

Knowledge Article Number 000231908
Description Users might not be able to see "Edit" button after deactivating the "Time-Dependent Workflow Rule" still they can't edit the "Time-Dependent Workflow Criteria", so the reason behind this is due to pending actions of the workflow rule in the Time-Based Workflow Queue.

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Resolution Before deactivating the “Time-Dependent Workflow Rule” make sure that there are no pending actions for the workflow rule in Time-Based Workflow Queue.
To check the pending action for workflow rule, Below are the steps:
Click on Setup | Monitor | Time-Based Workflow.
 In the search criteria search by: Workflow Rule Name | equals | Enter your workflow Rule Name | click on Search
If you see any pending action select the record and remove them from the queue.
Once the pending action are removed from Time-Based Workflow Queue you can deactivate the workflow rule and Edit Button will be visible in Time-Dependent Workflow Criteria.

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