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Caret Browsing/standard keyboard shortcuts not working in Chrome

Knowledge Article Number 000231935
Description Example use case: 

In Chrome, open the Console, click anywhere on the page and try use the shortcuts of "Shift + Up Arrow" or any combination of standard keyboard shortcuts. They will not work when simply clicking anywhere on the page.

Try the same steps in Firefox or Safari, and you will be able to highlight text as needed - "caret browsing"
- In Firefox this feature can be turned on/off by pressing F7.

Resolution Chrome currently does not support caret browsing - This is a browser/Chrome issue and not related to Salesforce.

The official Chrome solution is to install an extension called 'Caret Browsing' from the webstore, which will let users toggle this behavior. 

Salesforce doesn't recommend for or against using this extension, and can make no guarantees about how it may affect the functionality of the product: 

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