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​Why doesn't a filtered lookup on a Publisher Action return the expected results?

Knowledge Article Number 000231939
Description A filtered lookup field which has been added to a Record Create Publisher Action in an Object Feed does not return the expected results when the controlling field is not on the Action Layout.

Example Scenario:

- "Contact Name" lookup on Case has been filtered to only return Contacts from the related Account

- A Record Create Action has been created on Account to create a new Case. The 'Contact Name' field is on the Action Layout. 'Account Name' is not on the Action Layout.

Result: When using the Publisher Action from an Account to create a new Case, the 'Contact Name' lookup returns only Contacts that have no Account. It does not return Contacts from the Account we are working with.

Note: This is an expected behavior. The Lookup Filter needs to know which Account the new Case will be related to, and this information is not loaded in the user interface when the Account Name field is not on the Action Layout.

Resolution Add the controlling field(s) for the lookup filter to the Action Layout. (i.e. In the example scenario above, the 'Account Name' field needs to be on the Action Layout for the 'Contact Name' lookup to filter correctly).

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