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Updating opportunities in sandbox causes an Internal Server Error or "field integrity exception: unknown"

Knowledge Article Number 000232177
Description After refreshing a sandbox, users may report receiving an Internal Server Error upon attempting to update opportunity records in the user interface. Alternatively, attempting to update the opportunities via the API using Data Loader for example, will result in a "field integrity exception: unknown" error.

This is commonly caused by a point-in-time copy issue related to performing an action against Roll-Up Summary Fields that either modifies them or triggers recalculation during the sandbox refresh process.

As per the sandbox Setup Tips and Considerations documentation:

A sandbox is not a point-in-time snapshot of the exact state of your data. Furthermore, we recommend that you limit changes to your production organization while a sandbox is being created or refreshed. Setup and data changes to your production organization during the sandbox creation and refresh operations can result in inconsistencies in your sandbox. You might detect and correct some inconsistencies in your sandbox after it is created or refreshed.

Resolution In order to resolve this error you will need to Contact Support via a new case.

In the Help Finder Select:

Topic: Setup & Security
Category: Data Management

Then on the Question page scroll down and click "Log a New Case."

To help expedite resolution include the following details when creating the case:

Subject: Unable to update opportunity records in sandbox

- Include both the Production Org Id and Sandbox Org Id. See How to locate my Salesforce Organization ID.

- Grant login access to the affected sandbox and production as an administrator for a month.

Note: A month should not be required however, it is recommended to set it for this amount of time to avoid access unexpectedly expiring during the case's investigation. Kindly keep in mind that access can always be revoked early once/if the issue is resolved. See How to Grant Login Access to a Salesforce Success Agent.

- Links to example/affected records.

- Detailed steps to reproduce the error message.

If you're encountering the error in the user interface be sure to include example records with exact fields and their values that you are attempting to update.

If you're encountering the error via the Data Loader be sure to specify whether you're performing an Update or Upsert, selections you are making for each step in the Data Loader and most importantly, attach your update and mapping file to the case. Attach the files by accessing your case after it has been submitted in your My Success Hub.

You can click "View Case" directly after submitting a new case or open an existing case by:

a. Clicking on the Help and Training link next to your name in Salesforce
b. Scroll down to the Additional Help & Training section and click "GO THERE NOW" under the My Success Hub.
c. In the menu on the left hand side of the page choose "Support Cases"
d. Click on the case number in question
e. Scroll down the case details page and add your files via the Attachments related list

- Include explicit confirmation that Support has your permission to perform your provided steps above to verify and investigate the issue.

- If the scenario is confirmed as being caused by an unexpected copy issue we will also require documented permission to run the necessary fix (scrutiny) to correct the data. Including documented permission for Support to run the necessary fix will help prevent potential delays.

Note: This will not have a negative impact in the sandbox. Typically, scrutinies are included as a part of the sandbox copy process however, in unexpected circumstances such as this, it's required to run them manually after the sandbox refresh completes.

- Include a reference to this Knowledge Article # 000232177 and Article # 000187155 (an internal version of this article for Support's reference in handling the case) in the case description.

Once case ownership is accepted and the case has been qualified it will require escalation to Tier 3 to manually run the fix mentioned above with your permission.

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