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Mass Updating Contact's Account using Data Import Wizard

Knowledge Article Number 000232184
Description Leaving the account field on the contact record blank will result in the contact record being private. Contacts that are not linked to an account are always private and only the owner of the contact and administrators (with View/Modify All Data) can view them. Contact sharing rules do not apply to private contacts.

This can pose problems when users try to locate these contact records. You can mass update the account name field of your Contact record using Data Import Wizard.

Resolution Here's how:

1. Go to Setup | Data Management | Data Import Wizard 

2. Click on Launch Wizard 

3. Click on Accounts and Contacts > Update Existing Records 

4. Use the following Setup:
Match Contact by: Email (You can also select ID)
Match Account by: ID 
Update existing Account information: check 

5. Upload your CSV file. 

6. Map the fields. Make sure that Account ID is mapped to Contact: Account Name 

7. Start Import. 

Important Notes:

- Account ID needs to be on the CSV file to be able to associate the Contact to the correct Account.

Using Contact ID is preferable.

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