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Why does storage usage in our full sandbox not match production?

Knowledge Article Number 000232187
Description Upon checking Storage Usage in our full sandbox we've noticed different values for Data and File Storage in comparing with production.
Resolution Differences in storage usage may be explained by:

- Recently purchased licenses and corresponding storage increases in production are not automatically reflected in sandbox. You may use the Match Production Licenses to Sandbox without a Refresh feature to bring over newly provisioned storage in production over to a sandbox. See How do I match or bring over new licenses between my Production and Sandbox orgs without a refresh? for more details.

- Changes in data between production or sandbox between now and the date the last refresh completed.

- If your last refresh used a sandbox template to selectively copy certain objects. Check the sandbox information page's Sandbox Template Used field to see if a template may have been used. See Create or Refresh a Sandbox for more details on sandbox templates.

- Archived activities are not included in the refresh process. See the "Configuring Full Sandboxes" section of the Sandbox Setup Tips and Considerations documentation.

- Whether you selected to "Include Chatter Data" upon creating or refreshing may also affect storage usage in sandbox.

- Unexpected point-in-time copy issues.

A sandbox is not a point-in-time snapshot of the exact state of your data. Furthermore, we recommend that you limit changes to your production organization while a sandbox is being created or refreshed. Setup and data changes to your production organization during the sandbox creation and refresh operations can result in inconsistencies in your sandbox. You might detect and correct some inconsistencies in your sandbox after it is created or refreshed.

If storage usage values are substantially different between production and sandbox and you suspect that the discrepancy may be due to an unexpected point-in-time copy issue please log a case with Salesforce Support to investigate whether manually recalculating storage usage in the affected sandbox environment is required.

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