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Edit images with the Aviary Image Editor

Knowledge Article Number 000232198
Advertising Studio Campaigns has integrated the powerful Aviary image editing tool into the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn campaign builder. The Aviary tool provides Image-editing capabilities that include features such as filters, resizing, and much more.

With Aviary image editing you can: 

  • Overlay up to 25 different filters to adjust your images feel.
  • Improve image clarity, sharpness and contrast.
  • Quickly resize and fix your images if they do not meet the image requirements.
  • Maintain original images in the library and save new edited images.

Important: To use this feature, the Aviary Image Editor must be enabled
The Aviary Image Editor can be accessed by uploading an image or selecting an existing one from within Advertising Studio's Campaign Builder.

Open the Image Editor

1. From the Creatives tab, select your 'Build New Creative' post. 
2. In the 'Add Images(s)' section, click From File... from within the 'Select Image' box to upload an image or click From Library... to choose an image that has been previously used. 
3. When the image is showing in the upload box, hover your mouse over the image, and then click on the circle icon in the top left-hand corner. By clicking on the small circle, this will open the Aviary Image Editor.
4. Select your enhancement options from the top of the editor. Each editing button will give you the ability to enhance your ad creative and make improvements to it. 
5. Click Save to apply the image changes.

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